About BetterDefend

BetterDefend is built with one purpose in mind: Be the authoritative source of all-things-security.

Today our lives are connected to the internet – whether we want them to be or not.

At home, new smart devices are being released seemingly daily which connect and, “phone home,” regularly. At the office, emerging new types of viruses and phishing attacks pop up in inboxes which are more creative and deceptive than anything seen in the past. Internet providers track and sell your browsing history. Cellphone providers allow for exact coordinates of you 24/7.

While we can’t control all the information collected, we here at BetterDefend believe that armed with the right information, you can take control your privacy, security, and achieve peace of mind.

Our website provides the latest information security news, reviews, and tools that you can actually use. We would love to hear what you think.