Cylance Antivirus Review

Cylance has been redefining the digital security industry since 2012. Instead of being reactive, their antivirus protection predicts cyber-attacks to prevent device infections. With users around the world, many of whom are Fortune 100 organizations and government agencies, they have a lot of experience and a great reputation.

Cylance PROTECT uses AI-based threat analysis to keep your computer safe from malware, ransomware, and viruses with security scans in real-time. They promise to keep all of their users ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber-attacks. You’ll experience less system disruption and effective results.

Cylance Antivirus Coverage

  • Malware Prevention
  • Antivirus Coverage
  • Device Access Alerts
  • Threat Prediction

Cylance Antivirus Compatibility

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS 10
  • Mac OS X

Cylance Antivirus Setup

Cylance sits near the top of the market when it comes to ease of installation and use. Getting started with Cylance only requires purchasing a subscription, registering your information, and downloading the software. At that point, the installation wizard will kickoff. You don’t need to change any settings with Cylance, as its web-based and lightweight.

Once installation is complete, Cylance monitors your computer in the background for malware events. If you want to check on events or threats yourself, you can open your web-based dashboard for additional data. This is helpful if you need a file you trust but Cylance blocked it. Just head to the dashboard and tell the software to let it run.

Cylance Antivirus Benefits

There are some great benefits that come with installing Cylance on your computer or mobile device. You’ll not only get protection against computer viruses but also the following awesome Cylance features.

Proactive Protection: Cylance wants its users to have protection from both offline and online security threats and it puts forth a tremendous effort to do so. With its AI-driven software, Cylance prevents malware and viruses from gaining access to your computers, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Powerful Prevention: Your network and system are sealed tightly against malicious attacks and hacks, thanks to Cylance’s antivirus technology. Their software includes a beefed-up firewall which makes malware and virus accessibility nearly non-existent. Using Cylance means cyber-criminals don’t have a way to get to your data.

Automated Workflow Integration: With CylanceAPI, you’re getting a complete integration into the software’s security framework when you use Cylance PROTECT to monitor and manage your tasks. As a result, you’ll encounter fewer interruptions throughout your day, as your computer resources won’t be bogged down with unnecessary security add-ons.

Connected Cloud Deployment: Whether you’re running a Mac or Windows device, Cylance offers a lightweight software that won’t weight down your computer resources. You can deploy the Cylance software in just a few minutes and you don’t have to reboot your PC for regular maintenance. Cylance PROTECT performs all its processes in the cloud, which means you have effective and immediate protection from malware and viruses.

Cylance Antivirus Technology

One of the great features of Cylance Antivirus is that it doesn’t require keeping your end-point security product current. This can be a hassle and they’re difficult to keep up to date, so it’s nice that Cylance doesn’t even bother with them. In place of end-point security, Cylance uses its machine learning AI-science to effectively determine what files are good and what files are bad for your devices.

We briefly touched on this in the setup section, but Cylance is incredibly lightweight. Many antivirus companies rely on end-point protection to secure your computer. This type of technology requires a lot of the resources your device needs for other purposes. Cylance PROTECT only comes in at around 60 MB, which means it’s not going to run your processor into the ground every time it needs to scan your computer for malware or viruses.

Cylance Antivirus Pricing Plans

Cylance has quite a few pricing plans to help keep your device free from computer viruses and other digital security threats. They even help you decide if it’s the best antivirus program for you by offering a 30-day money back guarantee with any subscription.

Personal Protection: With Cylance’s Personal Protection plan, you’ll get Cylance PROTECT coverage for 1 PC or Mac at $29 annually.

Household Protection: Cylance’s Household Protection provides coverage for 5 PCs or Macs with Cylance PROTECT, which comes in at $69 each year.

Family Protection: Signing up for Family Protection will get 10 PCs or Macs coverage with Cylance PROTECT. You’ll pay $99 a year for Family Protection.

Cylance Antivirus Customer Support

Cylance does a great job of making it easy for their customers to get in touch with them. When you need support, you can submit a ticket online through their support system or give them a call. Additionally, Cylance offers an in-depth knowledge base and FAQ section on its support page for those instances when you’d just rather look something up for yourself.

Cylance also has a great online community for those that are interested in learning more or sharing their Cylance experiences with others. You can also see more about Cylance on their YouTube channel, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter feed.

Final Thoughts on Cylance Antivirus

While other antivirus protection solutions do offer a few more features than you’ll find with Cylance, we came away quite impressed with Cylance PROTECT. This AI-driven learning software detects threats and takes care of them quickly. It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about Cylance bogging down your resources like other programs tend to do when running a security scan.

If you prefer to take a more hands-on approach to your antivirus solution, or if you have numerous devices in your home, Cylance PROTECT might be the software for you. This next-generation AI-driven approach to virus detection and prevention is the perfect fit for protecting and securing your digital data and information.

Try Cylance Antivirus risk-free for 30 days on your Mac or PC for next-generation protection.


  • Free product demonstration
  • Scans performed based on behavior
  • Lightweight software without lags
  • Malware and virus protection
  • An active community of users

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