How to Find Hidden Spyware on Android

How to Find Hidden Spyware on Android

By definition, spyware is malware that is placed on your device without any alert. Malware collects and stores information from the device it has been placed on and is usually hidden from the user.

The spyware has the ability to store all the things you do on your device without your permission, and usually, it aims to store your banking details, credit and debit card details, passwords, and other sensitive information. They then pass this information over the internet to fraudsters to use to steal your identity.

Currently, there is spyware available on the internet today that can steal your data, and most of them are almost impossible to track or be aware of. They quietly keep track of your information and distribute ‘shareware’ with the least possible license to trap users.

How do you know if your phone has spyware?

Spyware collects data for several purposes but is done most often for monetary benefits. Depending on the needs of the hacker, the spyware could serve a different purpose:

  • Track Online Activities: this malware software monitors your daily phone habits and keeps track of your programs to sell the information to marketers. That information can then be used for advertising purposes. Usually, this involves a cookie tracker that monitors your online activity and reports to a specific advertiser.
  • Take Control of your System: there are some programs like the renowned Trojan that can compromise your security settings and can gain control over your device. These people then proceed to send out annoying and unwanted adverts which slow down the device speed. Doing this steals your internet bandwidth and uses it to connect with spyware that will then be used in a parasitic and malicious way.

How Does Spyware Get on My Phone?

Spyware is usually the result of a file that has been downloaded from the internet. It typically happens when these files are downloaded from third-party websites without reading the accompanying agreement.

Spyware can also be obtained by simply browsing the internet. Spyware can come in the form of an advert, offering you huge amounts of money to gain access as soon as you click on the advertisement.

Knowing When Your Phone is Suffering From Spyware

The common misconception is that your phone’s IP address is always being monitored by someone or being swapped for another IP address. But it is more likely that an unknown application may have found its way to your phone without your knowledge. With this form of physical presence in your phone, it is easy for them to track your phone and install a GPS tracker that can be used as a spying application.

How to Get Rid of Spyware on Your Android Phone

If you are completely convinced your phone has spyware on it, the next logical step would involve getting rid of it. Removing the malicious programs from your phone doesn’t require any technical skill, but most people still end up with issues.

The following are the steps to take in order to get rid of all forms of spyware from your mobile phone:

  • Change Your Passwords:

This should be the first thing you do especially if you have shared your password in the past. A common mistake most people make is sharing their passwords. Sometimes, this simple act can become detrimental if the person you gave your password to is using your account for nefarious activity. Having your password grants them access to all your accounts, and they can do with it as they please.

  • Format Your Device:

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the spyware plaguing your phone. For people who are not familiar with malware, this is the best and most efficient way to get rid of it. Doing a factory reset on your phone will restore the default settings.

However, doing this will also completely wipe all the data on your phone. This data includes all your saved contacts and other content you have saved to the device. Before you do a factory reset on your phone, ensure all necessary information has been backed up so that you can easily restore all the information when the reset is done.

  • Install the Latest Operating System:

This method is used by many people, but the results aren’t always straightforward. It can work as one of the numerous ways you can employ to stop the rapidly expanding malware and prevent it from tracking you. If your phone has a new operating system, make the update immediately.

  • Remove Applications Manually:

All Android phones can access an application called Anti Spy Mobile which can manually remove the erring application. Use only designated Android experts and follow their instructions to the letter.

Other Ways to Ensure Your Device Stays Safe From All Forms of Malware

  • Make use of the password feature by setting up an alphanumeric or random four-digit lock code
  • Enable application passwords to create another level of security
  • Install verified security applications to protect your device

Top Spyware Removal Software for Android Phones

Privacy is important, so it is equally as important to find ways to counteract the spying applications that seek to control our GPS tracker and spy on our contact list and messages. Here is a list of the top spyware removal applications for Android devices:

  1. Anti-Spy Mobile Free
  2. Stop Spy – Anti Spy Checker
  3. Privacy Scanner Free
  4. Hidden Device Admin Detector
  5. SMS/ MMS Spy Detector

While not many people believe in the power and credibility of anti-virus apps, they can actually prove to be helpful when it comes to combatting spyware and malware. Finding one of these anti-virus programs, like Avast, is just another layer of protection you can offer your Android phone.

If you feel that you are experiencing problems with your phone that can be associated with spyware or other malicious programs, then you should immediately follow the steps as outlined above to protect your device and remove any applications that can be potentially damaging.

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