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When it comes to credit scores, FICO offers a lot of knowledge on the subject. This trusted brand is a publicly-traded company. They got started in 1956 and the original FICO credit scoring system was released in 1989. To this day, FICO keeps track of lending eligibility for individuals and is the credit score that lenders use the most when taking applications.

FICO established myFICO in 2001, so people could have direct access to their scores. Since then, they have expanded to offering identity theft protection services and credit tracking worldwide. myFICO now keeps the identities of millions of customers safe.

myFICO Coverage

With myFICO, you’ll get protection from some of the scariest types of identity theft. The following are the top coverage features of myFICO identity theft protection.

  • FICO Score Monitoring
  • Score Simulator
  • True FICO Score
  • Impact on Your Scores

myFICO Compatibility

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Android
  • iOS

myFICO Setup

To begin, myFICO asks for some basic information to verify your identity. You choose your plan and pay online. Once you sign up, you get full use of an online dashboard, or you can download the mobile app to manage your account.

myFICO takes very little time to set up and begins gathering information automatically. However, if you would like to see how certain actions might impact your score, you can do that from your account, as well. This helps you make better decisions to improve your financial health over time.

As myFICO gathers information on your identity and financial health, it will display your credit score prominently on the dashboard, so you can see it change over time. It will update as there are changes to your personal information.

Immediately on your dashboard, you can also see alerts and notifications telling you if anything important has happened. You can see immediately what is impacting your score for better or worse, and then take action to fix it.

myFICO Benefits

There are some great benefits that come with choosing myFICO to monitor your personal information for identity theft threats. The following are some of the best features of myFICO.

24/7 Fraud Resolution: With myFICO, you get access to 24/7 fraud resolution services. Because identity theft can happen at any time, you can rest assured that subscribing to this service will keep you safe. You will get the dedicated attention your case deserves if anything bad happens.

Loss Prevention Insurance: You can cover any out-of-pocket expenses and everything that was stolen with up to $1 million in loss prevention insurance. Rebuilding your life is expensive after being a victim of identity theft, so this benefit gives you extra peace of mind.

Reputation: When it comes to your personal identity, you need to know that you can trust the people handling it. myFICO has a track record clear of major scandals and privacy breaches. You can leave your most sensitive information in their hands without having to worry.

Authority: Nobody knows more about credit scores and how they work than FICO. With myFICO, your information is as reliable and accurate as it could possibly be because it comes from an authoritative source. They have a library of articles you can use to learn more about credit scores, and they release updated information regularly, to keep their customers informed.

myFICO Alerts

Your myFICO dashboard displays updates prominently for you to see every time you log in. On the front page, you can see a running list of any changes to your information, anything impacting your score, and what you might want to do to improve your financial health.

myFICO will also send you alerts via email or push notifications if your score has changed, so you won’t have to log in every day to check on it if you don’t want to. You’ll also have immediate access to crucial info if myFICO detects new accounts opened in your name, account changes, inquiries on public records, name changes, address changes, or phone changes.

myFICO Pricing Plans

myFICO has quite a few pricing plans to help protect your private data from the prying eyes of identity thieves. They even help you decide if it’s the best identity theft protection service for you by allowing you to pay monthly and cancel anytime.

FICO Basics 1B: For monthly updates from once credit bureau, subscribe to the FICO Basics 1B plan for $19.95 per month or $239.40 per year.

FICO Ultimate 3B: For quarterly updates from all three credit bureaus, subscribe to the FICO Ultimate 3B plan for $29.95 per month or $359.40 per year.

FICO Ultimate 3B+: For monthly updates from all three credit bureaus, subscribe to the FICO Ultimate 3B+ plan for $39.95 per month or $479.40 per year.

myFICO Customer Support

myFICO customer support is available during business hours, Monday – Friday, 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time and Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific Time. They are there to answer all of your questions about their products and services.

The myFICO team is also available to help you understand your credit score, any updates or changes, and how to recover your information in the event your identity has been compromised. They can help you recover anything that was stolen and reimburse you for your out of pocket expenses.

Final Thoughts on myFICO

For identity theft protection from the primary experts in the industry, try myFICO. They have features that allow you to keep track of your credit and monitor its change over time. You can gain better control of your financial health, educate yourself, and stay safe.

myFICO has the most accurate information and the best identity protection products money can buy. They are a respected company with a premium product, plus they have a ton of other features you know you can trust.

Sign up with myFICO today for identity protection from leaders in the credit industry.


  • Great reputation
  • FICO score simulator
  • Credit health tracking
  • 24/7 customer support
  • $1 million in insurance

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