ID Watchdog Review

If you’ve ever had a watchdog, or you’ve ever had the dickens scared out of you by one, you know how vicious they can be about protecting their turf. Now imagine you have one protecting your identity from hackers and scammers. That’s ID Watchdog. Founded in 2005 in Denver, Colorado, ID Watchdog started with two years of heavy testing and many successes.

After being acquired by Equifax, one of the world’s leading providers in information solutions, ID Watchdog continues to provide identity protection services like advanced identity monitoring, credit monitoring, Dark Web monitoring, and case management and resolution. You’ll get great customer service and thorough communication from one of the leading providers in identity protection.

ID Watchdog Coverage

With ID Watchdog, you’ll get protection from some of the scariest types of identity theft. The following are the top coverage features of ID Watchdog identity theft protection.

  • Identity Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Fraud Alert Assistance
  • Fully Managed Resolutions

ID Watchdog Compatibility

  • Windows
  • OSx
  • Android
  • iOS

ID Watchdog Setup

ID Watchdog offers an intuitive, simple setup process. With a completely customizable dashboard, all you have to do is download and install the program, and you’ll have access to everything you need to set up ID Watchdog the way you want.

However, before you get to the dashboard, ID Watchdog asks for your Social Security number and date of birth. It also requires that you answer four security questions to verify your identity, and you can also set up two-factor authentication for added security.

Simply select the features from the dashboard you want to activate and watch ID Watchdog go to work. It will continually scan the Internet for your information and return a very clear green, yellow, or red light indicating whether or not you need to check on something right away.

ID Watchdog Benefits

There are some great benefits that come with choosing ID Watchdog to monitor your personal information for identity theft threats. The following are some of the best features of ID Watchdog.

Customizable Alerts: In today’s digital world, we’re flooded with notifications from our social media accounts, email, text, and other apps. There’s no need for another nuisance. ID Watchdog allows you to customize your alerts, so you only receive the ones that are relevant to you. You won’t waste your time with an alert that doesn’t matter and you can choose whether you want a phone call, email, text, or push notification through the mobile app.

Identity Theft Insurance: With $1 million in identity theft insurance, you get peace of mind from ID Watchdog. No matter what happens, you get the coverage you need and you won’t have to worry about out of pocket expenses. When you’re the victim of identity theft, ID Watchdog has your back.

Greater Financial Health: You have greater insight into your personal data immediately with ID Watchdog’s dashboard and alert system. Monitor the state of your financial health and keep your identity secure by knowing exactly where your credit score stands and how your bank account looks. You will receive a notification right away if your identity is compromised. With 24/7 access to certified experts ready to help, you’ll get resolutions right away.

Identity Insight: With ID Watchdog, you get deep and direct insight into monitoring your identity and the data that comprises it. You can easily determine whether you are a victim of identity theft because ID Watchdog keeps an eye on billions of data points and alerts you immediately if new information is detected.

ID Watchdog Alerts

ID Watchdog has concierge-level support at your disposal 24/7. Identity theft doesn’t take a holiday, so neither does ID Watchdog. With real-time help and answers to all of your insatiable questions, you can count on the knowledgeable representatives to be there for you.

Not only does ID Watchdog provide fantastic service, but that fantastic service is available in over 100 languages, so no matter where you are if English is not your first language, you can still get the help you need right away.

ID Watchdog Pricing Plans

ID Watchdog has quite a few pricing plans to help protect your private data from the prying eyes of identity thieves. They even help you decide if it’s the best identity theft protection service for you by offering the ability to cancel your service at any time.

ID Watchdog Plus: ID Watchdog Plus gives you secure access to a personal online account where you can check your status and review fraud alerts, receive advanced identity theft monitoring, get identity theft resolution, and access 24/7 live customer support. Cover one adult for $14.95 per month or $179.40 per year.

ID Watchdog Platinum: ID Watchdog Platinum includes everything in the Plus plan, as well as access to your credit scores and reports from all three credit bureaus. Cover one adult for $19.95 per month or $239.40 per year.

ID Watchdog Customer Support

ID Watchdog offers 24/7 support for all of your questions and concerns. You can call their direct number displayed on the support page to access helpful representatives. They can answer questions about your account as well as prompt an investigation into identity theft concerns and incidents.

You can also send the support line an email and they will respond with help if that’s the way you prefer to communicate. Sending an email is great for general questions if you don’t need an answer right away, but if you suspect an attack on your personal information, a phone call is the way to go.

Final Thoughts on ID Watchdog

Get premium credit monitoring services and identity protection from ID Watchdog, with Dark Web scanning and deep monitoring of billions of data points related to your personal identity. Find out about unauthorized uses of your information immediately, so you can get the support you need to restore your information.

Superior identity protection at an affordable price comes from ID Watchdog. If you want to save yourself from identity theft and high prices, ID Watchdog is worth a try. You get the same coverage for a lower price as well as 24/7 support for total peace of mind.

Protect yourself with ID Watchdog today and experience the confidence that comes with it!


  • Deep monitoring of billions of data points
  • Certified professionals in identity protection
  • $1 million in insurance for stolen funds
  • Dashboard and alerts 100% customizable
  • 24/7 customer support via phone and email

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